October 17, 2017

“I’m just touching base about the report you’re working on.”

I stare at the stray hair trying so hard to escape her tight bun.

“It will have to be sent off Thursday morning so you’ll really have to hammer it out.”

Looking through the window to the street below I can see the street is filling with people in suits rushing to get food in their lunch break. Their faces scrunched against the wild wind.

“Have you got all this?”

The hair finally escapes and slips down in front of her eyes.


“Uhhh yes… got it.”

She quickly brushes her hair out of her face. “Good good, well we really want to make a dependable f...

October 17, 2017

There was an man lived in our apartment, an old man, a quiet man. My girlfriend and I didn’t quite notice when he moved in. He was just there one day. He kept to himself mostly, sitting in the corner eating Saltine crackers and honey. We didn't mind him at the beginning. He was something to show our friends, laugh at behind closed doors and was useful as a coat rack or doormat.

Soon after I didn't get my promotion, the man became more of a presence. He would often use up all our hot water and wifi. He would put the empty milk carton back in the fridge and eat the two-day-old Chinese food that my girlfriend...

October 17, 2017

Can you feel it? The cool, crisp, bite of

A cold winter's morning

Sun creeping its way

Up behind the desolate apartments

Rows and rows

All empty

Their residents long since grew

Tired of the incessant ramblings of

The homeless outside

There she sits

Perched precariously

On the edge of the

Rickety park bench

Book in hand

The luscious green grass at her feet

Coated with a soft layer of frost 

The same frost that left a damp ring at the edges of her boots

She dries them on your doormat

As she walks in

A small brown line frames her

Pink lips, the sweet coffee you

Made for her to bring up the mood

On this cold winter's morning

She pa...

October 16, 2017

(editor: We don't normally publish letters like this, but it has been an election year, and this was a great letter)

Dear Jacinda Ardern,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the Labour Party’s commitment towards pay equity. As a young women, I want to live in a society where I know my gender will not affect my wages and I’m thrilled that the Labour party is committed to making this happen.

I know that the Labour party is already dedicated to scraping and reforming the unjust Pay Equity legislation but I’m writing today to ensure that making wage transparency part of that new bill is a priority for Labo...

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