June 29, 2017

She used to have freedom

She was free

Of all the things that poison her brain

But she is older 

She has responsibilities

And she is no longer free of poison and traps

Her life is now a living hell

She will never be safe

She has been taken, trapped in her own head

She is kept a prisoner

“it will be your safe place” they tell her

“You will not be of harm here” they tell her

“We can keep you sane” they tell her    

“Bad people are c...

July 25, 2016

When he is a child, on warm

winter nights in the heart

of a home and beside

the fire, he holds amber

and then puts it away.

And a man then, he turns his arms

blue and black

with letter-writers, warms unsaid.

But soon the plant dies

on the sill, and even though

he keeps bright things nearby and

holds her close,

creeping feelers curl him down

and cut him.

Old and bent, by the window

biding his time until his old friend

comes to beat down the do...

July 25, 2016

Busy as usual, the waiting room houses the sick: an elderly woman with a hacking cough, an adventurous boy with a broken arm, an exhausted father with an ill child. The man just sits alone. Dated magazines from a bygone era, held by a thousand hands, are spread across the coffee table in front of him. The last rays of sunshine peek through blinds, touching his face but never really touching him. The light hurts his frail eyes....

July 25, 2016

You go into the world

You take your first step

You go to school

You ride a bike

But then what does come next

A broken bone

Your first smartphone

Achievement at it's best

Or maybe it's decisioning

For quest to be the best

Conversion to religion

Or contemporary view

Or maybe it is when you take the horns of the bull

Collaboration and creation are all quite good tools

But all your life you've found yourself just stuck in school

Have you ever se...

July 25, 2016

He has an ocean behind his eyes.

A violent ocean, that storms and rages,

whipped by fierce winds.

And on that raging sea sails a ship.

A ship tossed by waves and beaten by gusts  

- the next swell could be its last.

The ship’s captain is locked in the hold.

Locked in with his cargo, his fears, his rats

and a damp, broken radio.

Hoarse, he calls a final, desperate ‘mayday’.

He’s heard for miles, but no one listens:

they’ve heard t...

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